MSSR Antennas

MSSR Antennas and MSSR Antenna Systems

Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

Antenna Associates has designed and manufactures Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Antennas (MSSR) for integration and operation with many of today’s interrogators.   Our MSSR Antennas and MSSR Antenna Systems are Mode 5 and Mode S Capable and have been successfully integrated on the US Air Force’s North Warning System as well as over 75 Air Traffic Control stations around the world.

Our MSSR Antenna Systems include our MSSR Antenna, three channel rotary joint, Az Encoder or Synchro, high precision position controller, remote control unit, cabling, error feedback reporting (some units), mounting and manuals.  Our three-channel rotary joint is a non contacting rotary joint eliminating the problems associated with rotary joint wear and replacement.

Some of our Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Antennas (MSSR Antennas)

  • FAI-54M
  • FAI-24M
  • FAI-22M
  • FAI-52M

Our Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Antenna Systems (MSSR Systems)

  • AA54M30
  • AA24M30
  • AA22M30
  • AA52M30

Antenna Associates can help you fulfill your MSSR Antenna, MSSR Antenna System as well as your Mode S and Mode 5 requirements.  Feel free to contact an Antenna Associates salesperson.  At no cost we will utilize our years of experience to design a system that satisfies your MSSR Antenna or MSSR Antenna requirements. Our staff is knowledgeable with the latest in Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) Antennas and Systems and can help you achieve a seamless integration experience.

Our products were designed with IFF / MSSR Interrogators in mind and therefore successful integration is guaranteed.  Our equipment has been successfully integrated with most interrogators on the market today including AN/UPX-37, Raytheon Cossor’s Condor, Raytheon’s AN/TPX-56, Telephonics AN/UPX-40, AN/UPX-43(V), AN/UPX-44(V) and EADS’ MSSR 1000 and MSSR 2000 I.

Contact Mr. Dana Sandquist (508) 583-3241 Ext. 26, or email Mr. Sandquist for assistance with information on Identification Friend or Foe/Secondary Surveillance Radar Antennas and MSSR Antenna and MSSR Antenna Systems.


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