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IFF Antenna: ESA22M

Identification Friend or Foe / Secondary Surveillance Radar Antennas

Antenna Associates has been able to incorporate all of the benefits of electronic steering into our ESA22M IFF Antenna.  The antenna’s beam position can be programmed to achieve the customer’s needs. 

What are the benefits of IFF/SSR Electronic Scanning?

Reduced Target Acquisition Time

Reduced Target Acquisition Time is a significant benefit.  In milliseconds the ESA22M can point to and evaluate a target.  In contrast, a directional antenna on a mechanical positioner could take from 5 to 15 seconds to complete the same function. 

Time on Target Improvement

Time on Target Improvement is another benefit.  The ESA22M can focus on a specific target or refocus on the target more often resulting in an increase of the system’s time on target.  While most systems calculate where the target is when target data is not available, the ESA22M can receive target longer which provides more accurate target data.

Sector Scans, Blanking and Randomized Scanning

Sector Scans and sector blanking and randomized scanning can be programmed.  Sector scans increase time on target, sector blanking can be used to eliminate transmission in unwanted areas of operation and randomized scanning reduces the likeliness of target acquisition by unfriendly listeners.


If you have a request, we can work with you, or your interrogator supplier to engineer the right antenna or system. Contact Mr. Dana Sandquist (508) 583-3241 Ext. 26 or email Mr. Sandquist.

IFF Antenna: ESA22M Features & Benefits

In addition, the size and weight allow this antenna to be used in many applications and provides the ability for end-user or system designers to customize the antenna to accommodate their needs. The antenna can be configured in several ways. A single panel configuration can scan 120 degrees and be rotated to cover 360 Degrees, while a 3 or 4-panel configuration will provide IFF coverage of 360 degrees without the need for rotation.

Why Our Products

Antenna Associates has been designing and manufacturing microwave antennas for over twenty years. Our experience and innovation combined with customer requirements have increased our product line to include Radar, Combat Identification, Secondary Surveillance, and Altimeter antennas.

Antenna Associates can provide excellent engineering services that range from evaluating a single antenna’s performance to designing, manufacturing, and integrating an entire radar system including secondary surveillance capabilities.

Our Identification Friend or Foe (Secondary Surveillance Radar) Antenna and System experience are second to none. We are knowledgeable in the latest interrogator equipment and we look forward to assisting you in the selection of an IFF/SSR Antenna, IFF/SSR System, MSSR Antenna or MSSR Antenna System that meets your requirements.


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