Antenna System Overhaul


Repair and Refurbishment

Since our inception, we have been a trusted resource for the refurbishment of military and commercial antennas, antenna systems, and integration solutions for existing equipment.

We can reverse engineer a solution for any antenna system

Since many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) will cease to support older antenna models and assemblies, Antenna Associates is often called upon to reverse engineer, then manufacture, a custom solution. We take pride that our end product often costs significantly less than the OEM’s original price.

All repair work includes antenna testing

Once refurbishment, repair or overhaul work has been completed, Antenna Associates will provide the testing necessary to ensure that the antenna meets original or updated specifications. A report on our test data will always be included when a new or refurbished product is shipped to you.

Our Antenna Overhauling

Experience Includes

X Band Antennas

High Gain S Band Antennas System

High Gain C Band Antenna System

High Gain L Band Antenna System

SATCOM Antennas

Airborne Antennas and Antenna Radomes

RF Circulators

All Antenna Positioners

All Antenna Rotators

MK74 Antennas

X Band Navigation Radar

X Band Navigation Antennas

All types of IFF Antennas

All types of SSR Antennas

Military Satellite Antennas


Services Include

Antenna Testing and Antenna Evaluation

Waveguide Repair and Testing

Antenna Performance Tuning

Composite Reflector Manufacture and Repair

Waveguide Window Replacements

Mil Spec Painting and Recoating

Antenna Waveguide and Waveguide Seal Replacements

Corrosion Repair

Antenna Feed Alignments


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