Antenna Testing


Made Easy

Antenna Associates commitment to rigorous product testing is critical to fulfilling our “Tracking made easy” promise.

We maintain two outdoor testing ranges on site, each equipped to accurately record antenna performance in real-world environments.

120 foot Test Range

This facility is equipped with an azimuth over elevation positioner, a 20 ft. low loss tower and motorized rotating head, allowing for 360 degree polarization adjustment.

650 foot Test Range

This facility is equipped with azimuth over elevation over azimuth three-axis positioner that is mounted on a 12 ft. tower, to accommodate larger antennas and higher operating frequencies.


Competitive Rates

Antenna Associates offers accurate, reliable testing with complete confidentiality at competitive rates. The results of your testing are provided in an organized detailed test report.

If an Antenna Test Plan or Antenna Test Procedure is required, Antenna Associate’s engineers can custom design a plan to meet your requirements.

Our antenna ranges have been utilized and qualified by many customers including the US Navy, Sensis Corporation, Raytheon, BAE, and many others.

Contact the sales department at (508) 583-3241 ext. 26, or email Dana Sandquist for assistance with Testing Services. 

Radiation Patterns
  • Polar & Rectangular in Digital Format
  • 60 dB Dynamic Range
  • Linear & Circular Polarization
Antenna Gain
  • Gain vs. Frequency using the Substitution Method
Return Loss
  • Swept Frequency
Insertion Loss
  • Radomes
  • Dielectric Materials


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