Weather Radar Systems

Weather Radar Antenna System

Antenna Associates Inc. of Brockton, MA has designed and developed a new Full Time Dual Linear Polarized Weather Radar Antenna System named the WS42C System.  The equipment consists of a 4.2 M antenna operating at 5.2 to 5.8 GHz with active Horizontal and Vertical Linear Polarizations and a dual axis antenna positioner.

The WS42C System Dual Polarized Weather Radar Antenna System utilizes DC Brushless Motors and is accurate to .01 Degrees in both Azimuth and Elevation.  Its antenna provides an exceptional 45dBi of Gain in both Horizontal and Vertical Linear Polarizations.

Antenna Associates, Inc. is innovative in the design, development, manufacture, repair and refurbishment of microwave antennas and antenna systems for defense and commercial markets worldwide.  From our headquarters located in Brockton, MA, Antenna Associates distributes our products to market leaders in both the defense and commercial markets.

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