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Antenna Associates can supply your company with an Antenna System tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Our industry experience and expert engineering advice will benefit you and your company by providing you with a well engineered antenna system at a competitive price.

For example, our Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)/Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Antennas can be matched with one of our antenna rotators and control units providing you with a complete IFF/SSR Antenna System.

The same principle can be applied to SATCOM, Radar and other Antenna Systems as well.

Planar Arrays, Reflector, Flat Plate Arrays, Military Antennas

Antenna Feeds and Antenna Reflectors:
Custom and COTS

Custom Shapes, Low Loss Pre Preg Materials, Sandwich Constructions

Single and Multiple Axis, Variable and Fixed Speed

Rotator Components:
Rotary Joints, Encoders, Controllers

Interface Equipment:
Power and RF Cables, Position Data Cables

Manuals, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Test Data

Contact Mr. Dana Sandquist (508) 583-3241 Ext. 26 or email Mr. Sandquist for assistance with Antenna Systems and Integration Services

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