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IFF Interrogator
Antenna Testing after refurbishment of Military Radar Antenna
Antenna Associates AA8930 IFF Antenna System SSR Antenna System

AA8930 IFF / SSR Antenna System

AA54S303 Antenna System IFF Antenna System SSR Antenna System

IFF / SSR Antenna System

AA21S30 IFF Antenna System SSR Antenna System

IFF / SSR Antenna System

IFF / SSR Systems

Identification Friend or Foe / Secondary Surveillance Radar Systems

Designing an IFF or SSR Antenna System can be a daunting task.  Antenna Associates can simplify the process. 

Begin with our IFF / SSR antenna selection chart.
Here you can select the antenna that best meets your needs based on a few characteristics.  Next, you can download the data sheet to verify that all of the antenna’s parameters meet your needs.

If the unit requires a rotator, we can supply one that provides the proper rotation speed, safety features and most of all, proper input and output for successful interrogator operation. We can also provide antenna mounts, rotator controllers and even cabling for the project.

An easier way to fulfill your requirements is to present the requirements to an Antenna Associates salesperson.  At no cost we will utilize our years of experience to design a system that satisfies your IFF / SSR System requirements. Our staff is knowledgeable with the latest in Identification Friend or Foe and Secondary Surveillance Radar.

Our products were designed with IFF / SSR Interrogators in mind and therefore successful integration is guaranteed.  Our equipment has been successfully integrated with most interrogators on the market today including AN/UPX-37, Raytheon Cossor’s Condor, Raytheon’s AN/TPX-56 and Northrop Grumman’s AN/UPX-39(V)2 to name a few. 

Contact Mr. Dana Sandquist (508) 583-3241 Ext. 26 or email Mr. Sandquist for assistance with information on Identification Friend or Foe / Secondary Surveillance Radar Antennas and IFF/SSR Antenna Systems

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