FAI-54 Antenna

Antenna Associates' Model FAI-54's function is to provide identification and position detection data for civil Air Traffic Control or Military IFF Applications. It is a 14 Foot Open Planar array antenna that can be utilized in a stand-alone configuration or in combination with a primary surveillance radar.

At the heart of the FAI-54 is its eighteen radiating columns. Each Column is comprised of high strength composites vacuum sealed to a printed circuit board. This process hermetically seals the column from the elements while adding significant rigidity, durability and weather resistance.

The FAI-54 is available in two versions. The Standard version (FAI-54S) incorporates conventional Sum and Difference channels. The Monopulse version (FAI-54M) utilizes three channels, Sum, Monopulse Difference and Control (SLS) for increased accuracy. An important benefit of the FAI-54 Antenna is that it can be converted easily between the Monopulse and Standard versions.

Optimized Elevation Pattern
Simply Converted (Standard/Monopulse)
Lightweight Rugged Design
Resistant to Extreme weather
3 Piece Transportable version Available
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