AS-2189 Antenna

Antenna Associates' Model AS-2189 Antenna is also known as the AA75 Antenna. Its function is to provide identification and position detection data for Air Traffic Control or Military IFF Applications.

The AS-2189 is a smaller version of our AS-2188/U Antenna. The AS-2189 (also known as the AA75) is a rugged antenna utilized around the world. It is constructed of tempered aluminum to easily withstand the harshest environments.

In addition to its mechanical benefits, the AS-2189 Antenna offers excellent RF performance. The Sum beam is highly directional while the difference beam generates superb side lobe suppression (SLS) and Sum Beam sharpening.

“The Standard” in Naval IFF Antennas Worldwide
Designed for the Harshest Environments
U.S. Navy Approved
Suitable for Sea / Ground Based Applications
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