AA505 Antenna

Like our AA205, Antenna Associates' Model AA505 is a sum only IFF Antenna which Antenna produces outstanding electrical performance in a compact, lightweight adjustable package.

The AA505's benefits over the AA205 is its turned elevation pattern. The AA505's performance has been optimized by directing its energy where it is needed most. The result is imporved Gain and a significant reduction in problems associated with uncontrolled ground reflections.

The AA505 Antennas' size to performance ratio is excellent. Measuring 35 in. high, 20 in. wide, 6 in. deep and weighting only 6 lbs., it provides 13.7 dBi of Gain*.

The AA505 Antenna's construction insures rigidity, durability and excellent weather resistance in a lightweight package.

Small, Lightweight and Adjustable
11 dBi Gain* Over Broad Coverage
Captivated Hardware and Vertical Cable Connector for Easy Installation
*Gain measured at 1090 MHz and 90° Aperture
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