AA21 Flat Plate Antenna

The AA21Antenna provides target identification and positioning data for Air Traffic Control or Identification Friend or Foe processing.

What sets the Antenna Associates' AA21 Antenna apart from other IFF/ATC antennas is its performance vs. weight ratio. Antenna Associates designed the AA21 utilizing the latest advancements in RF antenna development. The result was a lightweight antenna the produces excellent Gain from a compact size. At only 39 inches long and weighing less than 30lbs., the AA21 produces superb Gain of 14.5 dBi minimum. The AA21 is also quite durable surpassing all Army, Navy and ATC environmental requirements.

Incorporated into the AA21 Antenna is a backfill radiator ensuring complete sidelobe coverage and filters for eliminating adjacent radar interference.

Compact, Lightweight Construction
Excellent Gain vs. Size Ratio
R.F. Filters Included to Reduce Interference
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