AA205 Antenna

Antenna Associates’ Model AA205 is a sum only IFF Antenna which produces outstanding electrical performance in a compact lightweight adjustable package.

The AA205 Antenna's size to performance ratio is astounding. Measuring 17in. high, 20 in. wide (max.) 5 in. deep and weighing only 4 lbs. the AA205 provides an outstanding 11 dBi of Gain* over a broad elevation pattern. This means excellent coverage over a great distance.

The heart of the AA205 is its radiating column. It is comprised of high strength composite fiberglass vaccuum sealed to a printed circuit board. This system hermetically seals the columnfrom the elements while adding significant rigidity, durability and excellent weather resistance.

Small, Lightweight and Adjustable
11 dBi Gain* Over Broad Coverage
Captivated Hardware and Vertical Cable Connector for Easy Installation
*Gain measured at 1090 MHz and 90° Aperture
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